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Happy New Year

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Love, Music Industry
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"Soul Complete" - Cagle & Nash (scheduled for Mid February Release)

"Soul Complete" - Cagle & Nash (scheduled for Late February Release)

February 1, 2009

We Just uploaded to the MySpace page,  the final mixes to six tracks from the “Soul Complete” CD which has a scheduled release date of Mid-February. Please give them a listen – we would love to have your feedback. You can check out samples of all 12 tracks on our website:

These 12 tracks have been compared lots of different artists but we like to think it was all those influences throughout our musical lives have been a huge part of where our own unique sound comes from.

Some really good friends of ours have lent a tremendous amount of talent to the Soul Complete project.  We had our friend Kenneth Leonard Jr. (of Anthony Hamilton’s touring band) lend some awesome piano and organ chops to the project. Bill Baucom, Larry Farber and Bobby Aycock played some excellent keyboard stuff on the project as well.  Sax players? Of Course! Greg played a big majority of the sax tracks but we had some really fills by Larry Gianneschi and awesome Alto sax work on solos and parts from Zach Wheeler of The Entertainers and Chris Mitchell (incredible sax talent who is still a high school student). Some really funky and tight drumming on the project from Tovaris Matthews, Steve McGuirt and Dave Rhyne (who also engineered the whole project).  Joe Mier played some tight funky bass on a big majority of these tracks.  If you haven’t heard of these cats, trust me you will.

Stay tuned, as we get closer to our anticipated late February CD Release. You will be able to purchase from CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, and a host of others.

Meanwhile you can catch the Greg Cagle Acoustic Sets regularly at Dolcetto Wine Room in Charlotte on every Friday & Saturday night.

Peace Love and SOUL COMPLETE
Cagle & Nash

More Love

There’s too much trouble in the world today (troubles to bear),
There’s too much trouble and there’s too much hate (hate everywhere),
There’s too many wars that we’re fighting again and again,
There’s too many wars & it’s ‘causing way too much pain…
And it’s time for this conflict to end.

More love…
That’s what it’s gonna take,
More love…
‘Cause only love can make,
This world a better place for us and everyone else.

Now tell me my brothers and sisters, where do we turn?
In a world of religious conviction, what have we learned?
To all our countries and leaders, to whom it concerns,
And to all of those who believe in the power of love…
It’s the power to change everything.


Why in the world can’t we find another way,
And keep from making the same mistakes?
Why in the world can’t we try a better way,
To bring love to the whole human race,
To bring love to the whole human race,
To bring love to the whole human race.

Words and Music Copyright 2008 Gregory L Cagle/Richard M Nash

\”More Love\” (Not Final)