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Cagle & Nash PR Photo - Charlotte, NC

It’s Been a Long Time!
Spring 2011

It’s been a long time since we checked in with everyone and a lot has been happening over the past few months. We’ll give you the short & skinny of it in the lines and spaces below.
Cagle & Nash Released Greg’s solo project “Red Herring Redux”
Those of you who have been keeping a scorecard know that RHR (or the Green Album we like to call it), is the fourth Cagle & Nash produced project in just over two years. Some say prolific but we just say OK as long as it ain’t horrific!
This one has got tunes on it like Back on the River, Years Later, Walkin’, Spendin’ Money and eight other solid offerings. What you hear in this release is plenty of just pure blues and blues rock/alt rock with strong playing coming out of every single instrument. Of course it helps that Cagle himself is covering lead vocals background vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and even sax on at least most of these compositions. Nash lends a hand on horn parts on a few of the tracks.
Been getting some international airplay on RHR from our usual loyal fans over in Europe and even in Greece and Japan. We’ve done a mini-blitz if you will to a couple hundred broadcast stations here in the US and any of four or five tracks should be going into some sort of rotation in the next week or so. Keep an ear open – request it if you dare.
Here are our faves or at least the faves we think should be faves.
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Let us hear your thoughts. Be one of the first ten people to review Red Herring Redux on iTunes and you will receive the entire Cagle & Nash catalog. Just send us a link to your review and your snail mail address in an email.

Side Projects – Cagle (The Other Side of the Ampersand)
 Cagle continues his several side projects. (HaHa Understatement:).

 First and foremost the Robyn Springer partnership. By now everyone knows Robyn from her contributions to most of the Cagle & Nash releases. The Ritz-Carlton of Downtown Charlotte booked her one night for their showplace lounge and the response was pretty damned amazing. So for the past couple of years Robyn Springer (accompanied by Greg Cagle) has been the primary entertainment in the Ritz Lobby Lounge on just about any Friday or Saturday evening !And yes it free.
Speaking of Robyn there is a recording project in the works being co-produced by Robyn and Greg that you will want to keep an eye out for. You’ll hear three Cagle & Nash songs on here but with an OMG fantastic interpretation! The mixes so far are sounding fine fine fine.
Another Cagle & project is Greg’s tentatively titled Next To Nowhere Country CD. Not sure what direction we’ll go yet with the public release of this but suffice to say we think the material is so strong that it should get release to the public by some means or another. Do I hear Nashville Roadtrip?
Just in case you don’t get a chance to purchase this outright, here is a sneak peek at a couple of three kickass tunes to give you the gist of the grit that it packs
The hyperlinks will take you directly to our SoundCloud page (no waiting)
But wait there’s another side project as well.  A very interesting collab between Greg and his son Matt Cagle. We’ll share a couple of those but these are no where near finished so try not to pre-judge (aka be haters) .
The hyperlinks will take you directly to our SoundCloud page (PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE TRACKS)
That stands for Bad Boys Blues Band. Ray Alexander put this vision together and this powerhouse of Charlotte vets gets to gig together at least once a month. Cagle on lead vocals, Rick Lee Keys and vocals, Tim Gordon, Tony “Tree” Hayes, Jon Thornton and the one and only Ray Alexander with Yelverton, Suddrith and Allen.  Nash has said this band is as tight as delivering Tower of Power tunes as well as TOP themselves.  Horn Section is a Million dollars !

Side Projects – Nash (The Other Side of the Ampersand)
 Nash Spreading Himself The Appropriate Amount of Thin.
 His regular day gig keeps Nash pretty busy but it has it’s benefits. Lately involved in producing a syndicated radio show and working with the likes of The Grammy Museum, The RIAA (The Grammys) as part of a huge musical past of 20,000 un-released tracks over three decades of some of the great artist musicians of the times in all genres.
The Churchill-Nash Records area of business is full on these days. Nash’s working laboriously to spread the word of all of the current Cagle & Nash projects including the rock project and the country project (call me) as well as the continued development of the fanbase and the most important task of getting every Music Supervisor and Production House on board with the entire Cagle & Nash catalog which will be approaching 100 songs before you know it ! (fingers crossed AND more below).
So If you think your favorite broadcast DJ or mobile DJ has not gotten the latest and greatest be sure to let us know or better yet let him know where to find us via ReverbNation. Let’s make this music viral !

Cagle & Nash Side Projects – Both Sides of the Amersand)
Yes indeed another Cagle & Nash project is in the works (as we type). We’re as excited as teenaged schoolgirls to take the mothership to the next level if you know what I mean. Don’t let us scare you though – expect the unexpected – expect Cagle & Nash. Maybe lots of instrumental stuff? Maybe Soul?  Maybe funky, Maybe Smooth, Maybe Rufffffff) Definitely Raw J
To assist in our writing endeavors, we’ve taken to actually appearing together in the same room at the same time and with the sole purpose of making music in public. There we said it Cagle & Nash – The Live Version is in the works. We do an occasional Thursday night over at our friend Jeff McNeice’s place DLW but we’re keeping that on the down-lo until e can work in more Cagle & Nash songs in some sort of acoustic duo arrangement. Until then just call us two guys playing jazz standards for the love of it in some really nice wine bar that you should be checking out ASAP>
OK So Lets Review – Here’s What’s New !
  • Robyn Springer Live NOW at the Ritz
  • New Side projects (Country, Rock and Robyn)
  • Grammy Spottings and Radioland
  • BBBB
  • Cagle & Nash New CD – what’s It Gonna Be?
  • Cagle & Nash Live ! (Almost)

Red Herring Redux - Greg Cagle

Red Herring Redux - Greg Cagle (produced by Cagle & Nash)

Feb. 12, 2011 – Just released – the long awaited Greg Cagle solo CD Project – Red Herring Redux. The CD is in the production plant and the full list of 12 songs is now available on iTunes.

This is a pleasant departure from the previous two Cagle & Nash produced releases. Here we have a nice blues album. But not the old sad slow depressing blues. This is upbeat and up tempo blues with a tinge of blues and alt. rock swirled in!

Be Sure to Check Out:
– something that often times solves a lot of life’s problems. Just keep on walking.
She Musta Laid a Spell on Me
– We’ve all been in this place – trying to search for that elusive ?
Spendin’ Money
– Very timely for most of us right now. Enough said !
Years Later
– Tom Petty you might want to record this one !
Leave Me With the Blues
– leave me with the blues but I’m dancing them away !

Track Personnel:
Greg Cagle – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bkgd. Vocals, Sax, Bass, Piano, Organ
Rick Nash – Trumpet & Flugelhorn
James Brown – Alto Sax
Robyn Springer – Bkgd Vocals
David Rhyne – Bass, Drums, Percussion, Organ, Piano
Joe Miers – Bass
David Floyd – Organ
Matt Cagle – Percussion
Dave Zeltner – Piano

Engineered by – David Rhyne @Traffic Sounds Studio
Produced By – Cagle & Nash
All Songs Copyright – Greg Cagle
Published by: Grelloyd Music Publishing / Ricksquared (Music Publishing)

Full Red Herring Redux Track Listing
1. Walkin’ [5:43]
2. She Musta Laid a Spell on Me [4:50]
3. Plenty Enough [4:44]
4. Everything Is Better [5:06]
5. Spendin’ Money [4:38]
6. Back on the River [4:55]
7. If You Don’t know Right From Wrong [5:16]
8. Once Upon a Dark & Lonely Night [4:51]
9. Introduce the Band [5:25]
10. Years Later [4:32]
11. Leave Me With the Blues [4:00]
12. Doo Wop & Soda Pop [3:24]

Check Out Greg Cagle and Cagle & Nash Here




Red Herring Redux – Greg Cagle by Cagle & Nash