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Check Out

This is the number one Smooth Jazz online destination in the world with more than 49 million hits and 250,000 unique visitors per month. In addition there are more 1.5 million listener hours per month

Cagle & Nash are well represented at we are a frequent Hot-Pick there and are tracks from Loungevity are heard there at least two or three times per day.

This past week we were the #5 Most Added by Radio Stations – #9 Spincrease
These stations are spinning Loungevity

  • RadioIO Smooth Jazz
  • DMX Jazz Vocal
  • KTSU 90.9FM
  • WEIB 106.3FM
  • WFSS 91.9FM
  • WGRV 93.1 FM
  • WONB 94.9FM
  • WQTQ 89.9FM
  • WRTC 89.3 FM
  • WSNC 90.5FM

If you want to check us out just click this link to the SmoothJazz Listening Loft

ASL Music Media Smooth Jazz Radio Station Promo Campaign

Adam Leibovitz is “the Man” when it comes to Smooth Jazz Radio Promotion. We’re in week one of our major “Big Ol’ Empty Room” Smooth Jazz Radio Station Campaign.

These stations are spinning “Big Ol Empty Room” right now:

DMX Jazz Vocal Blend – Cable/Satellite
JazzNet 24/7 – Internet Radio
KTSU – Houston
KVNF – Paonia
RadioIO Smooth Jazz – Internet Radio
Smooth Grooves Radio – UK
Smooth Soul Online – Internet Radio – Internet Radio
Talking Smooth Jazz – Syndicated
WCHG – Hot Springs
WEIB – Springfield
WFSK – Nashville
WFSS – Fayetteville
WGRV – Melbourne
WITD – Internet Radio
WNAA – Greensboro
WONB – Lima
WQTQ – Hartford
WRTC – Hartford
WSNC – Winston-Salem

Thanks to efforts from Adam Leibovitz we are also happy to say we are currently tied for second most adds right behind Slim Man on

Powderfinger Promotions
Jamband/Americana/Triple A Radio Stations Promo Campaign

David Avery and Rob Phillips at PowderFinger have been hard at work on the Jamband/Americana/Triple A front. We’re just over Week No. 1 with these stations spinning the CD

KRSC (Claremore, OK)
Light AAA KAFM (Grand Junction, CO)
KDNK (Carbondale, CO)
KPFT (Houston, TX)
KVNF (Paonia, CO)
WDNR (Chester, PA)
WFSK (Antioch, TN)
Grooveyrock Specialty Show
WYBF (Havertown, PA)
Bulls Radio (WBUL) (Tampa, FL)
KHEN (Salida, CO)
KOTO (Telluride, CO)
WERU (E. Orland, ME)
WJFF (Jeffersonville, NY)
WRIU (Providence, RI)
KKCR (Princeville, HI)
KXCI (Tuscon, AZ)
Radio@AOL (New York, NY)
WKPS (State College, PA)
WRBC (Lewiston, ME)

Rob Phillips who heads up Publicity at Powderfinger has launched a campaign to several of the trade pubs, and blogs and review services. We’ll keep you posted on those results. Speaking of Rob he helped us to get on The Top Picks from Oscar Groom’s O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

A Taste of Triple A & Americana


Jim Nelson produces a very widely accepted and anticipated monthly CD release of new songs to in the Triple A and Americana formats.It’s mailed to The Program Director or Music Director, along with applicable specialty show hosts, at each of these 271 Triple A and Americana radio, satellite, cable and online stations and syndicated shows receives A Taste Of Triple A

We did this same thing with the Holiday single and manged to get on the same CD with Sting. Couldn’t help it had to namedrop.



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